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Substance Designer是一个强大的材质处理解决方案,它将智能纹理技术带入了3D 创建管线的中心。它致力于帮助美工将各种类型的图形资源(从位图到专属程序元素)转变为实时动态和高度灵活的纹理和过滤器。




(Released January 28, 2021)




  • [Spot colors] Support Pantone colors in Designer
  • [Graph] Disable nodes
  • [3D View] Export Tessellated Meshes from the Viewport
  • [Internationalisation] Update Japanese version
  • [3D View] Optimize memory consumption when not using Iray
  • [Python API] Add method SDResource.delete() to delete a SDResource
  • [Python API] Add support for Spot Colors to Python API
  • [Python API] New callback to trigger when a package is closed
  • [2D View] Convert brush database from SQLite to Json format
  • [2D View] Improve rendering performances and reliability (CPU computation)
  • [Library] Add ‘Exclude pattern’ option in project settings
  • [Library] Rename ‘Exclude pattern’ to Exclude file extensions’ in project settings
  • [UX] Remove ‘?’ button in window title bars on Windows
  • [UX] Move the Ctrl+E shortcut to ‘Open Reference’ when in-context editing is disabled
  • [Bakers] Delete Preview cache when deleting a baker in the bake list
  • [Performances] Improve image cache budget on hardware with GPU with shared memory
  • [Preferences] Adapt ‘GPU cache limit’ value to available memory pool
  • [Properties] Display Physical Size attribute on node instance
  • [Scripting] Mark external scripting system as deprecated
  • [Share] Remove “Export to Substance Share” features




  • [Content] Inconsistent I/O order on Material nodes
  • [Content] Primary input on Warp nodes is inconsistent
  • [Content] Solve Cooker warnings from Radial Blur node
  • [Export] Batch export with CPU engine uses VRAM for determining memory budget
  • [Export] Exporting to a path that does not exist will create the folders
  • [Export] Memory budget is too low when using Batch export
  • [2D View] Artifacts / banding when copying HDR images to the clipboard
  • [2D View] Exporting images from resources always export 8 bits
  • [3D View] Iray: changing the normal value using the editor gives a strange result
  • [3D View] Iray: disabling the normal channel does not produce the right result
  • [Library] Filtering by URL does not work correctly
  • [Library] Resources matching a Library excluded pattern cannot be imported manually
  • [Bakers] Renaming a baker does not impact its entry in the 2D View preview list
  • [Explorer] Loss of synchronisation between Explorer and graph data
  • [Function graph] Crash when setting function node with mismatching output type as output
  • [MDL] SBS instance nodes have no preview, output 0 and do not trigger graph computation
  • [Python API] Input parameter’s ‘editor’ property cannot be modified
  • [Python] Reset layout does not correctly reset Python created docks
  • [Resources] Cannot link/import 32-bit PSD document




1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Designer.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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