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Substance Designer是一个强大的材质处理解决方案,它将智能纹理技术带入了3D 创建管线的中心。它致力于帮助美工将各种类型的图形资源(从位图到专属程序元素)转变为实时动态和高度灵活的纹理和过滤器。



2020.2.0 (10.2.0)

(Released: October 12, 2020)



  • [Content] Add “Cross Section” node
  • [Content] Add “Cross product vec2” function to functions.sbs
  • [Content] Add “Get Size” value node
  • [Content] Add “Orthogonal vec2” function to functions.sbs
  • [Content] Add Average functions to functions.sbs
  • [Content] Add Threshold filter
  • [Content] Color Match: add a mask input to specify where to apply the filter
  • [Content] Tile Generator/Sampler: add new options to control the pattern size
  • [Content] Update PBR Render node with default value for image inputs
  • [Parameters] Add warning icons to highlight issues in Instance Parameters
  • [Parameters] Ignore Visible If statements for Inputs/Outputs involving parameters which have a Function applied
  • [Parameters] Improve the UX for group association
  • [Parameters] Rework of the way to expose a single parameter
  • [Parameters] Highlight exposed parameters
  • [Parameters] Improve Clean up of unused parameters
  • [Engine] Curve node: new option to output the curve texture
  • [Engine] Default values on input images
  • [Engine] Distance node: new distance modes (Manhattan and Chebyshev distances)
  • [Engine] Gradient node: new interpolation mode to have more natural mix between colors
  • [UX] Some parameters are now grayed out depending on other parameters
  • [UX] Accept 6-digits RGB colours in Color Picker’s hexadecimal field
  • [UX] Avoid showing comments properties as soon as they are selected
  • [UX] Display relevant groups when starting to write a group name
  • [UX] Shortcut to Reexport graph outputs
  • [UX] Make all Dropdown-textfield-comboboxes look different from regular comboboxes
  • [GraphRender] Display nodes thumbnails one by one and not only when they are all computed
  • [GraphRender] Improve cancellation delay during graph rendering
  • [GraphRender] Improve the accuracy of the rendering progress bar
  • [Thumbnails] Automatic thumbnail (icon) computation
  • [Thumbnails] Rework of the UX to add a thumbnail (icon) to a package
  • [Preferences] Enable GPU raytracing by default for new users
  • [Preferences] 3DView / OpenGL / Quality: replace slider for sample counts by a more intuitive list of choices
  • [Bakers] Improve post processes performances
  • [Color Management] Show current working color space in preferences dialog.
  • [Iray] Automatically switch to CPU mode when there is no compatible GPU
  • [Performances] Improve response time to compute the node we are interested in (now computed first)
  • [Python API] New Method addActionToExplorerToolbar to add icons to the explorer toolbar
  • [Resources] Upgrade to FBX 2020.0.1
  • [iRay] Update to Iray 2020.1.0
  • [API] Add Python access to color management settings and properties




  • [Graph] Changing the parent size or uv tile does not cancel the current render
  • [Graph] Crash when moving an output connection then pressing Alt+LMB
  • [Graph] Crash when moving connections in Material or Compact Material mode
  • [Graph] Input nodes cannot preview Bitmap resources
  • [Graph] Node compatibility broken on instances
  • [Graph] Too many nodes are invalidated when changing a graph parameter
  • [Content] ‘Shape Extrude’ output shape is flipped in specific cases: new version needed, old one is deprecated
  • [Content] Incorrect result using Custom Color Variation in Color Match node
  • [Content] Size by X/Y Amount Ratio in Atlas Scatter has the opposite effect
  • [Content] Size by X/Y Amount Ratio in Shape Splatter has the opposite effect
  • [3D View] Crash on Undo operation after loading a Scene resource from a package
  • [3D View] Custom environment not saved in SBSSCN if path has alias with special characters
  • [3D View] Switching Normal Format in Material settings results in flipped states
  • [UI] ‘Set as Primary’ button text is overflowing from display area
  • [UI] Main window position is not correctly restored when working in windowed mode
  • [UI] Status bar text is offset when window is fullscreened or dragged near screen edge
  • [Iray] Crash with “Invalid Tag” message when switching back and forth between renderers
  • [Iray] Visible faces on non-opaque surfaces
  • [Presets] Crash when applying presets in instances of some Substance Source graphs
  • [Presets] wrong name displayed after undo on sbs instance
  • [Render] Wrong render when tweaking a parameter in preview mode
  • [Bakers] Refreshing multiple baked maps results in warnings blocking some bakes
  • [Cooker] Tweaking SBSAR nodes in SBS instances results in 0 output from the instance
  • [Explorer] Custom aliases are not passed along when using ‘Save and open in Substance Player’
  • [Gradient Editor] Absolute color selection does not impact all selected keys




1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Designer.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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