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Substance Alchemist是一款功能强大的材质纹理制作软件,集实拍纹理、三维扫描和AI人工智能技术为一体,可进行不同材质的编辑,引入了新的创建流程、管理、处理材料的方法,还可以将整个材料库导出到其他应用中,为用户进行材质纹理编辑带来新的方法。


Substance Alchemist比原来Bitmap2Material更适合制作扫描纹理,可以更加直观的从照片生成3D纹理,同时更方便管理自创建的纹理库,强烈推荐小伙伴们学习使用!


Version 2020

2020.3.1 (2.3.1) Vermicelli

(Released: December 17, 2020)



  • [Engine] Substance Engine update
  • [Application] Environment variable to disable specific features
  • [Content] Replace color – New Advanced segmentation option
  • [Content] Floor Tiles – new patterns and options available
  • [Content] Embroidery – Complete revamp of the filter
  • [Content] Adjustment – New metallic parameter + opacity safe transform correction




  • [Layers] Cannot import twice the same custom filter
  • [Layers] Cannot use image input with the brush tool
  • [Export] Export .jpg instead of .jpeg
  • [UI] Update welcome screen image credits
  • [UI] Fix invisible separator in menus
  • [UI] Radio buttons display a tooltip when they are truncated
  • [UI] Typo: Starter Materials
  • [Application] UTF-8 characters in asset names do not work
  • [Localization] Disable italic font style for chinese locale
  • [Localization] Localized string split into 2 lines
  • [Localization] Adjust folder name and replace with ellipsis if it’s too long
  • [Localization] Format numbers with thousand separator
  • [Localization] Localize date and time display
  • [Localization] Localize color picker on Windows
  • [Content] Transform – With the safe transformation activated, the normal rotates correctly every 45°
  • [Content] Surface relief – Fix tiling issue with perlin fractal noise (advanced noise)
  • [Content] Brickwall Pattern – Height input in 16bit
  • [Content] Material Icon Render – Specular reflections issue
  • [Content] Color Variation – No color shift between color inputs and the result
  • [Content] Color Variation – Performance update


Known Issues:


  • Usage of Image to Material (AI powered) on high resolution images can be slow
  • Content Aware Fill filters are slow in high resolution
  • Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific evalue in a slider
  • Impossible to save twice the exact same material layer stack


1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Alchemist.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录,默认路径为C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist

3) 破解完成!

by CGUNC——weindy


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