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Allegorithmic 已经宣布了最新版 Substance Painter 2020.2.0(,本次是一版重大更新,带来了期待已久的跨网格绘制功能,同时大幅提升了性能!

Substance Painter 2020大版本详细更新内容图示可以看官方帮助文档:https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/all-changes-188973073.html

3D PBR绘制









Substance Painter可以直接烘焙你所有的贴图(AO、normal、ID、height等)。


2020.2.0 (6.2.0)

(Released: July 23, 2020)
Summary: Major release with new UV Tiles workflow, paint across UV Tiles and performance improvement


  • UV Tiles (UDIMs)
  • [UV Tiles] Paint across UV tiles
  • [UV Tiles] Allow to choose between new and legacy workflow for UV Tiles
  • [UV Tiles] Import UDIMs/UV Tile image sequences as a resource
  • [UV Tiles] Add list of UV Tiles per Texture Set in Texture Set List window
  • [UV Tiles] Allow to edit the resolution of multiple UV Tiles at once in Texture Set Settings
  • [UV Tiles][2D View] Display UV Tiles as a grid
  • [UV Tiles][2D View] New viewport button to display or hide UV Tiles information
  • [UV Tiles] Switch painting tool to single channel by default for UV Tile projects
  • [UV Tiles] New button in contextual toolbar to ignore masked UV Tiles while painting
  • [UV Tiles][Layer Stack] New layer stack icons to improve performance
  • [UV Tiles][Layer Stack] Improve Paint and Fill icons in the toolbar
  • [UV Tile Mask][2D View] Allow to include or exclude multiple UV Tiles at once (left click, CTRL+left click)
  • [UV Tile Mask] New UV Tile mask to include, exclude tiles per layer with a new icon
  • [UV Tile Mask][Layer Stack] Display the number of UV Tiles in the UV Tiles mask icon when not all are included
  • [UV Tile Mask][2D/3D View] Add hover effect to visualize UV Tiles under the cursor
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Allow to select and bake specific UV Tiles
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Add selection options for Texture Sets/UV Tiles
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Right click menu option to select UV Tiles within a Texture Set
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Allow quick selection in the Texture Set/UV Tiles by dragging
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Replace “All” and “None” buttons in Mesh Maps by more explicit selection options
  • [UV Tiles][Bakers] Display number of textures to be baked
  • [UV Tiles][Export] Allow to select and export specific UV Tiles
  • [UV Tiles][Export] Allow quick selection of UV Tiles by dragging
  • [UV Tiles][Export] Add dropdown menu options for UV Tiles
  • [UV Tiles][Export] Make some export presets unavailable if they do not work with UV Tiles (Adobe Dimension, Sketchfab, glTF, USD)
  • [UV Tiles][Content] Update export presets to use the new $udim tag
  • [UV Tiles] Improve error reporting when importing meshes with overlapping UV islands
  • [UV Tiles] UV Tiles compatible in Iray
  • [UV Tiles][Scripting] Add UV Tile export documentation to Python doc
  • Performance
  • [Performance] New button in contextual toolbar to pause engine computation when working (SHIFT+ESC)
  • [Performance] Faster project opening by delaying Texture Set cache computation
  • [Performance] Don’t wait for mesh maps to load when opening project
  • [Performance][2D/3D View] Don’t compute Mask channel in viewport when it is not used
  • [Performance] Do not block the application when loading mesh maps displayed in the viewports
  • [Performance] Improve incremental save speed when saving a project
  • [Performance][Bakers] Change default dilation settings to improve saving time and project size
  • [Performance][Bakers] Switch to grayscale on specific Bakers to improve saving time and project size
  • [Performance][Export] Improve engine performance to export textures faster
  • [Performance][Export] Improve responsiveness when opening the export dialog with a lot of Texture Sets
  • [Performance][Export] Improve performance when switching to tab “List of Exports”
  • [Performance][Iray] Reduce Iray startup time
  • Other
  • [Bakers] Add selection options for Texture Sets
  • Move shader instance management to Texture Set Settings
  • [2D/3D View] Add message at bottom of the viewport to indicate which mask type is edited
  • [Layer Stack] New option in settings to switch between legacy and new thumbnails
  • [Layer Stack] Add visual feedback to indicate loading state of the thumbnails
  • [Proj] New projection mode “Fill (Match Per UV-Tile)” to load image sequences
  • [Proj] Change fill layers projection mode to “Fill (Match Per UV-Tile)” in specific cases
  • [Content] Optimize Charcoal brush presets to improve performance
  • Update Iray to version 2020.0.0
  • [Export] Disable List of Exports tab when nothing is selected
  • Auto Unwrap
  • [Auto Unwrap] Improve success rate of the automatic unwrap process
  • [Auto Unwrap] Improved parameterization to increase speed and stability


  • [Alembic] Facesets are ignored when importing files
  • [Alembic] Infinite loading time with specific files
  • [Import] Incorrect UDIM image sequence is imported when only the file extension differs
  • [Crash] Trying to open project locked by another process leads to a crash
  • [Projection] Artefacts on duplicated mesh when using triplanar projection
  • [Export] Emissive channel is not exported with USD format
  • [Content] Smart Material “Charcoal” contains paint strokes

Known Issues:

  • [Texture Set List] Cannot hide description
  • [Texture Set List] UI issues




1) 解压并安装(安装过程会自动卸载之前的旧版本)

2) 将crack文件夹里的Substance Painter.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录,默认为C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter

3) 破解完成!


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