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Allegorithmic 已经宣布了最新版 Substance Painter 2020.1.1(,本次更新以修正2020主要版本的bug为主。2020版带有新的纹理和网格导出器(具有置换和细分),更新的UV展开功能和更多控件,新的bakers,新的脚本python API,更好的UX贴图投影和新内容.

Substance Painter 2020大版本详细更新内容图示可以看官方帮助文档:https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/all-changes-188973073.html

3D PBR绘制









Substance Painter可以直接烘焙你所有的贴图(AO、normal、ID、height等)。


6.1.1 (2020.1.1)

(Released: May 05, 2020)
Summary: Hotfix


  • [Export] Overridden state visual feedback on TextureSet


  • [Export] Exporter window size too large on special resolution monitor and can not be resized
  • [Export] Options are not saved after export
  • [Export] Crash or cannot export with “from cache” export preset
  • [Export] Cancelling export generates an unexpected additional empty map
  • [Export] Fix virtual export preset settings
  • [Python] PYTHONPATH env var is not taken into account
  • [Python][Export] Cancelling export via Python returns an exception error
  • [Python][Export] export_project_textures incorrect result with psd file format

Known Issues:

  • [JavaScript] Cannot edit new Curvature baker settings
  • [JavaScript][Export] Always exports all texture sets
  • [Bakers] Crash on Linux with GPU raytracing
  • [Export][USD] Should not export the disabled texture sets
6.1.0 (2020.1.0)

(Released: April 22, 2020)
Summary: Major release with New texture and mesh exporter (with displacement and tessellation), updated UV unwrapping with more controls, new bakers, new scripting python API, better UX for decal projection and new content


  • New texture and mesh exporter
  • [Export] New exporter interface
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow selection of which maps channels are exported per Texture Set
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow modification of the Texture Set size for all Texture Sets in one action
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow a different template per Texture Set (except for USD, glTF, Sketchfab and Dimension)
  • [Export][Export tab] Quick activation and deactivation of maps and Texture Sets
  • [Export][Export tab] Export resolution 8192×8192 no longer experimental
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow modification of the file format and bit depth per map
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow reset to the default parameters’ values
  • [Export][Export tab] Allow settings to be saved without exporting
  • [Export][Output templates tab] Rename “Configuration” tab to “Output templates” tab
  • [Export][Output templates tab] Allow definition of file format and bit depth per preset map
  • [Export][List of exports tab] New preview tab to summarize and view export process
  • [Import/Export Mesh] Import/Export time performance optimization
  • [Export Mesh] Export mesh in FBX
  • [Export Mesh] Export mesh with displacement and tessellation
  • [Export Mesh][UI] New settings for recomputing normal vertex, apply triangulation
  • [Export Mesh] Export original mesh topology with new UVs generated by auto unwrapping
  • Updated auto UV unwrapping with more controls
  • [UV Unwrapping][UI] Add setting to activate auto UV unwrapping in new project window
  • [UV Unwrapping][UI] New Options to control the unwrapping steps (seams, unwrapping, packing)
  • [UV Unwrapping][UI] Allow conservation of existing unwrapping seams/unwrapping/packing
  • [UV Unwrapping][UI] New Options to fully recompute unwrapping steps
  • [UV Unwrapping][UI] New Option to control the margin size (none, small, medium and large)
  • New Bakers
  • [Bakers] Replace old Curvature by new Curvature from mesh
  • [Bakers] Add match by name option to ignore backface in “Ambient Occlusion” baker
  • [Bakers] Add ground plane option in “Ambient Occlusion” baker
  • New scripting Python API (3.7.6)
  • [Python][UI] New scripting menu for Python
  • [Python][UI] New Python documentation in Help menu
  • [Python] Expose Substance Painter python modules: substance_painter, alg, display, project.setting, project, texturesets, ui
  • [Python] Expose new “substance_painter” Python module
  • [Python] Expose new Python sub-module: alg, display, log, project, resource, texturesets, ui
  • [Python] Listener for project changes
  • [Python] New examples in Python documentation
  • [JavaScript][UI] Plugins menu replaced by JavaScript
  • [Viewport] Allow creation of a decal projection by “drag/dropping + ALT” a resource from the shelf
  • New Content
  • [Content] 5 new decal materials from Substance Source
  • [Content] Add new project templates and export presets for Maxwell renderer
  • [Content] Add project template for Keyshot 9 export
  • [Content] Update Keyshot 9 export preset to support displacement and emissive
  • [Content][Exporter] Update of all export presets to match latest versions of game engines and renderers
  • [Content][Exporter] Update export presets files to use new format and dithering settings​
  • [Content] New templates and shaders to support VRay material (VRayMtl)
  • [Layer Stack] Allow deletion of layer effects using trash icon or keyboard shortcut Delete
  • Remove plugin Substance Source (use launcher with “send to” functionality)
  • [Windows] Do not display TDR warning on high-end GPUs


  • Translation issues in new project file dialog
  • [Bakers] Setting “Save preprocessed scene file” does not work anymore
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking with optix when no high poly
  • [Planar Projection] Projection does not work on meshes with repeating UVs
  • [Decal] Difference of behavior in normal channel when using different fill layer projection modes
  • [Smudge][Clone] Artifact may appear when painting in mask
  • [Engine] Crash with specific layer content
  • [Engine] Random crash when painting in some cases
  • [Anchor point] Reference to an empty mask always returns white
  • [Export] Layer not taken into account in some particular stack configurations
  • [Export mesh] Cannot export with path containing special characters
  • [Export Mesh] Cannot read glTF files when exported from Linux or MacOS
  • [Import mesh] Re-importing DAE, PLY or glTF does not work as intended
  • [Crash] Change shader after having painted a mask in material layering

Known Issues:

  • [Scripting][JavaScript] Cannot edit new Curvature baker settings
  • [Bakers] Crash on Linux with GPU raytracing
  • [Export][USD] Should not export the disabled texture sets




1) 解压并安装(安装过程会自动卸载之前的旧版本)

2) 将crack文件夹里的Substance Painter.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录,默认为C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter

3) 破解完成!


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