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Substance Alchemist是一款功能强大的材质纹理制作软件,集实拍纹理、三维扫描和AI人工智能技术为一体,可进行不同材质的编辑,引入了新的创建流程、管理、处理材料的方法,还可以将整个材料库导出到其他应用中,为用户进行材质纹理编辑带来新的方法。

Substance Alchemist比原来Bitmap2Material更适合制作扫描纹理,可以更加直观的从照片生成3D纹理,同时更方便管理自创建的纹理库,强烈推荐小伙伴们学习使用!


2019.1.3 Sesame

(Released: January 28, 2020)


  • [Workflow] Support of multiple workflows
  • [Workflow] Support of PBR Specular Glossiness workflow
  • [Workflow] New Channel Settings panel
  • [Workflow] Workflow selection at project creation
  • [Channel Settings] Activate/Deactivate specific channel computation
  • [Channel Settings] Display list of custom channels available in the current material
  • [Channel Settings] Automatic computation of custom channels when required
  • [Channel Settings] Force/Block computation of custom channels
  • [Layers] New UI of material input placeholder in Atlas Scatter and Splatter filters
  • [Layers] Image Input parameter of a filter can be fed by underneath layers
  • [Layers] Display a notification when some layers are out of date
  • [Layers] Possibility to update to the latest version of outdated layers via the notification
  • [Project] New metadata fields at project creation
  • [Inspire] Generated variations are specific to a project
  • [2D View] Switch between the Layer inputs, layer outputs, and the material outputs
  • [Welcome Screen] Add Import project (.alch) option
  • [Preferences] New Preferences window to set cache location and analytics privacy settings
  • [UI] New UI buttons
  • [Performance] Overall improvement of the parallelization system
  • [Performance] Optimization of the number of material computes
  • [Engine] Substance Engine update
  • [Framework] Upgrade to Qt 5.13
  • [MacOS] Global improvements of macOS Catalina support
  • [Content] Adjustment filter – Normal intensity and invert parameters


  • [Layers] Unset Image Input parameter when deleting the layer
  • [Layers] Fix a crash when adding a clone patch layer
  • [Layers] Fix some crashes when blending layers stack materials in other layer stack materials
  • [Export] Channels selection for export is now respected
  • [Resources] Do not crash when navigating in the Resources panel
  • [Resources] Fix crash when importing corrupted Substance files
  • [Resources] Reduce the number of crashes when loading large folders
  • [Thumbnail] Thumbnail computation doesn’t freeze the interface
  • [Image Import] Uniformization of image type supported across the application
  • [Preset] Save the description when creating a preset from an SBSAR
  • [Inspire] Fix image drag and drop
  • [Application] Fix crashes at exit
  • [Application] Fix crashes at the exit when exporting materials
  • [UI] Fixes and improvements
  • [UI] Rename temporary asset to “unsaved material”
  • [Content] Global update and cleaning of all filters

Known Issues:

  • Importing a lot of resources can really slow down Substance Alchemist
  • Content Aware Fill filters are slow in high resolution
  • Use of multiple delighters in one material is not recommended
  • Delighter crashes with older NVIDIA drivers (Less than 400.x)
  • Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific evalue in a slider
  • Normal to Height filter can crash on MacOS


1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Alchemist.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录,默认路径为C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist

3) 破解完成!

by CGUNC——weindy


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