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Substance Designer是一个强大的材质处理解决方案,它将智能纹理技术带入了3D 创建管线的中心。它致力于帮助美工将各种类型的图形资源(从位图到专属程序元素)转变为实时动态和高度灵活的纹理和过滤器。




(Released: January 27, 2020)


  • [Graph] Severe performance drop and freezes when tweaking a nested graph with “In-Context Editing” active
  • [Graph] Cannot enter enum value out of [0, 99] in Integer1 tweak
  • [Graph] Comment is not moved when the corresponding frame is displaced
  • [Graph] Input names are missing on custom instance node
  • [Graph] Thumbnails may be rendered when loading graph even if the corresponding option is disabled in the Preferences
  • [2D View] Negative alpha shows checker no matter the display option
  • [2D View] Surface conversion from 32f to 8bits fails with high values
  • [2D View] Top/left skew and ‘Make Square’ set some coordinates to huge values in forward transformation matrices
  • [2D View] UVs of all mesh objects are not displayed on UV sets other than “0”
  • [Content] Bevel: Angular mode does not work correctly on tiling mask
  • [Content] Flood Fill To Gradient: slope image value is not sampled in the middle of the shape
  • [Content] Function; “Equality Boolean” is broken
  • [Bakers] Artefacts when using automatic tonemapping in “Curvature From Mesh” baker in specific cases
  • [Bakers] Crash in DXR when baking while no material is selected
  • [Bakers] Performances issue in the 2D View when enabling the “info”
  • [Engine] ‘Pow’ function outputs huge values when using very low input value and high exponent on SSE2 engine
  • [Engine] Crash when using a high jpg compression on bitmap resources
  • [Engine] Value Processor returns wrong $size value when inside a subgraph
  • [Parameters] Empty pop-up appears when selecting an instance node with high number of parameters
  • [Parameters] Integer value is not shown in drop-down parameter items
  • [Parameters] Transform Matrix ‘Edit’ button is not available in Preview mode
  • [Cooker] $size in ValueProcessor is wrong when inside a graph instance
  • [Cooker] Outputsize is incorrect when value link passes through a dot node to an atomic node
  • [UI] Button to display all items in the 2D View bottom bar is not visible
  • [UI] Preview of picked RGB values display incorrect numbers when using Color Management
  • [Export] 16f RGBA images are exported as grayscale
  • [3D View] Cannot import OBJ with multiple spaces
  • [Color Management] OCIO config is not taken into account when publishing sbsar
  • [Color Widget] Color sliders ranges can expand exponentially in a specific case
  • [Doc] “paramValue” section is incomplete in Sbs format reference
  • [MDL] Color Widget in sbsar instances are not correct
  • [Presets] Crash when updating presets in a specific case
  • [PSD] FreeImage error when loading PSD files from recent versions of Photoshop
  • [Resources] Crash when undoing Bitmap linking directly into graph
  • [SVG] SVG nodes do not update automatically when using the vector tools




1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Designer.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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