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Substance Designer是一个强大的材质处理解决方案,它将智能纹理技术带入了3D 创建管线的中心。它致力于帮助美工将各种类型的图形资源(从位图到专属程序元素)转变为实时动态和高度灵活的纹理和过滤器。





  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: some outputs are not cropped correctly when using the “Auto Crop” option
  • [Content] Material Height Blend: cooking error related to inexistent parameter
  • [Content] “Plane Light”: pattern UV Mode does not work correctly
  • [Content] “Height to Normal World Unit”: input is forced to 16bit
  • [Content] Unexpected shapes when using angular ‘Bevel’ node with no tiling on small shapes
  • [Library] Icons for sbsar are not visible in library
  • [Library] Using “\” for filtering Url no longer works
  • [Library] Filter values are case sensitive
  • [Library] Search filter does not work when “Compositing” is checked
  • [Bakers] Double-clicking specific cells and dismissing the change reverts them to incorrect values
  • [Bakers] The backend state text in the bakers window always shows ‘GPU acceleration : enable’
  • [Cooker] Crash when processing an ‘impostor’ dependency in a graph
  • [Cooker] grayscale conversion has wrong output size when using value
  • [Explorer] Crash when processing “Publish on Share”
  • [Graph] Crash when opening a specific package
  • [MDL] Crash when using cast operator
  • [Templates] Output identifiers are not correct in the PBR coated template


  • [Templates] Add default input nodes to Specular/Glossiness and to other templates
  • [Templates] Add PBR Anisotropy template
  • [3D View] Increase the Automatic Clip Plane Far distances
  • [3D View] PBR Coated: change default value for Coat normal inheritance
  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: add option for the “Auto Crop” feature
  • [Node Menu] Don’t filter nodes without input




1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Designer.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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