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Allegorithmic 已经宣布了最新版 Substance Painter 2019.1.0-3020,作为年度首个大版本更新,主要更新了动态笔刷,包含制作窗口和Iray的实时置换和细分,遮罩效果对比,径向对称,平面和球面投影。之前对AMD VEGA支持不好的老大难问题终于得到解决!

Substance Painter 2019.1大版本详细更新内容图示可以看官方帮助文档:https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/spdoc/version-2019-1-172825476.html

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Substance Painter可以直接烘焙你所有的贴图(AO、normal、ID、height等)。


Release date: 2019/04/23
Summary: Dynamic Stroke with dedicated new content, Displacement and Tessellation in real-time and Iray, Compare Mask effect, Radial symmetry, Planar and Spherical projection

Substance Painter 2019.1.0-3020版新增内容:

  • [Tool] Dynamic stroke: Substance variation alongside a brush stroke
  • [Dynamic stroke] Expose new stamp index parameter with options
  • [Dynamic stroke] Take into account $time parameter
  • [Dynamic stroke] Generate new $randomseed parameter per stroke and per stamp
  • [Dynamic stroke] Start a dynamic stroke index from a random number
  • [Dynamic stroke][Shelf] Help finding a dynamic stroke resource with dedicated new icon
  • Displacement and tessellation in real-time viewport
  • Displacement and tessellation in Iray
  • [Shader settings][UI] New tab for controlling displacement and tessellation
  • [Layer stack] New CompareMask effect: generate a mask by comparing two channels
  • [Layer stack][UI] New entry in right-click menu “Add mask with height combination” to insert a CompareMask effect
  • [Symmetry] New symmetry mode: radial painting
  • [Symmetry settings] Expand both sections “Settings” and “Display”
  • [Symmetry settings][UI] Preview for radial painting
  • Expose two new projection modes: planar and spherical
  • [Proj] New shape crop mode for all projections
  • [Proj] Planar mode with new manipulator: Surface tool
  • [Proj][Shortcut] Shortcut SHIFT+W for Surface tool
  • [Proj] Planar projection masking with depth culling and backface culling
  • [Manipulator] Improvment of rotation manipulator on all three axes for triplanar
  • [Tool][UX] Alt-clicking on a channel focuses that channel (enables it or disables all others)
  • [Engine] Update to latest version of Substance Engine
  • [Texture set] Multiple selection and change resolution
  • [Texture set] Quick activation and deactivation of the texture sets
  • [Texture set] Combine solo and all options into a new menu
  • [Texture set][Layer stack] New icon for activation and deactivation
  • [Layer stack][UX] Insert effects above those already selected
  • [Layer stack][UI] Rework layer stack view selection style
  • [Layer Stack] Blending mode for instanced layers is now in Pass Through mode by default
  • [Export] Option to activate and deactivate dithering
  • [Plugin] Support precision modifier for sliders (SHIFT)
  • [Plugin][UI] New icon for autosave
  • [Scripting] List the contents of a folder
  • [Scripting] Allow deletion of files
  • [Scripting] Read all stack information including used resources
  • [Content][Dynamic stroke] New tools and brush presets
  • [Content][Dynamic stroke] Two new procedural gradients: Gradient Hue and Gradient Builder
  • [Content] 11 new Filters: MatFx Peeling Paint, MatFx Water Drops and more
  • [Content] 7 new generators: Auto Stitcher, UV Random Color, UV Texel Density and more
  • [Content] 93 new alphas: new texts, arrows and various other shapes
  • [Content] 2 new procedurals: Gradient Hue, Gradient Builder and more
  • [Content] 21 new Tool and Brush presets for Dynamic Strokes : Pebbles, Footprints, Spray and more
  • [Content] 2 New HDRis: Canopus Ground and Autumn Forest
  • [Content] Update content with random seed curation in shelf
  • [Content] New icon with exposed random seed parameter in shelf

Substance Painter 2019.1.0-3020版修正内容:

  • [Layers stack] Layer stack keeps dragging forever
  • [Mac] “Show in Finder” can lead to freezing
  • [Scripting] Settings saved via Custom UI are lost if shader file is moved
  • [Scripting] API version number is incorrect and not up to date
  • [Effect] Histogram content is not displayed correctly
  • [Effect] Histogram effect does not update in some cases
  • [Shelf] Stitches are not properly aligned on material “Plastic Fabric Pyramid”

Substance Painter 2019.1.0-3020版已知问题:

  • Double clicking texture set name will select it before entering renaming mode
  • [Layer Stack][UI] Toggling a mask with SHIFT can select multiple layers at the same time




1) 解压并安装(安装过程会自动卸载之前的旧版本)

2) 将crack文件夹里的Substance Painter.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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