3D纹理制作软件Allegorithmic Substance Designer-2018.3.4-2204下载

Substance Designer是一个强大的材质处理解决方案,它将智能纹理技术带入了3D 创建管线的中心。它致力于帮助美工将各种类型的图形资源(从位图到专属程序元素)转变为实时动态和高度灵活的纹理和过滤器。



Substance Designer 2018.3.4-2204版改进内容:

  • [Content] Normal Transform/Material Transform: add an option to enable Scale and Skew transformation

Substance Designer 2018.3.4-2204版修正内容:

  • [Content] Swirl filter does not work correctly when random functions are used in parameters functions
  • [Content] Normal Transform/Material Transform: Normal is not normalized after a scale transformation
  • [Content] Swirl gives incorrect results when amount is random
  • [Graph] Crash when shift-dragging an output then switching to ctrl-dragging
  • [Graph] Crash while manipulating split points
  • [Graph] Performance drop when displaying node badges
  • [Scripting] Using custom actions could crash after 30secs
  • [Preferences/Projects] Enabled scripts from all projects should be executed (in the ‘Scripting’ section)
  • [MDL] crash when linking a MDL graph into another MDL graph
  • [Parameters] Nodes do not update after setting the graph random seed to an exposed parameter
  • [PSD] Assigning colour node changes layer thumbnail size, assigning a grayscale node does not
  • [API] Unhandled exception with SDNode.getPropertyValueFromId()




1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的Substance Designer.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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