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3D-coat 是由乌克兰开发的数字雕塑软件,著名的Zbrush大部分功能都是受3D-coat启发而来。虽然3D-coat还不能完全取代Zbrush,但是在模型雕刻拓扑、快速材质绘制和渲染输出上,3D-coat有着压倒性的优势。3D-coat对照片扫描文件的修复和拓扑更是所有建模软件中最方便的,并且对系统配置要求也低得多。

官方介绍:3D -Coat是专为游戏美工设计的软件,它专注于游戏模型的细节设计,集三维模型实时纹理绘制和细节雕刻功能为一身,可以加速细节设计流程,在更短的时间内创造出更多的内容。只需导入一个低精度模型,3D-Coat便可为其自动创建UV,一次性绘制法线贴图、置换贴图、颜色贴图、透明贴图、高光贴图。最大材质输出支持4096*4096做到真正的无缝输出。

实际上,由于3D-Coat这款软件正在不断的更新,上面这段官方的介绍已经相当落后。目前最新的3D-Coat 4系列版本增加了拓扑功能,体积雕塑功能,硬件渲染功能,以及重要的Physically Based Rendering (PBR)特性。





3.04.2018 4.8.14

  • Instant meshes integration. Press RMB over object, AUTOPO->….. It supports symmetry. Don’t expect too much. It is about robustness and stability, but not about too great quality.
  • Autopo density problems fixed.
  • New curves are in very good state. Still need a lot of development, but now it is closer to Corel in 3D. Still beta. (Edit->Prefs->ShowNewCurvs)
  • Posibility of 16-bit export for displacement in export constructor.
  • Metall support in picture transform tool. If gloss enabled, imported image will be with metallness. You may vary it with slider.
  • FlipX, FlipY, FlipZ for Tweak room
  • CTRL+UnifyUV to unify UV sets with same names.
  • Import multiple objects for PPP.

11.03.2018 4.8.13

  • Correct PSD export, correct dropping to PS with smart materials with masks. But still have problems with attached materials. Export is OK, getting back is sometimes problematic.
  • Backface culling in retopo works correctly
  • If 3D-Coat unable to start, it tries to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.
  • Prevenfing pivot to appear far from scene boundbox.
  • To Global / To Uniform space works correctly with multiselection.
  • Save VoxTree elements as 3B file works correctly with multiselection. And many other corrected to be compatimle with multiselection.
  • Smart transtion between perspective and orthographic mode that keeps scale of scene near the pivot point.
  • Correct pivot point management. Avoiding situation when it is randomly set somewhere outside the real scene. Left/Fromt/… views corrected to avoid – situations when you see nothing in scene after switching.
  • Primitives in primitives history correct boolean operation type update.
  • Curves modifiers got button “Attach to selected curves”.
  • Tablet pen pressure should be float to support more pressure levels

6.03.2018 4.8.12

  • Fixed undercuts (was destroyed)
  • Fixed symmetry painting bug (with unsymmetrical alphas).
  • Painting with facture works after resampling
  • Fixed problem of too bright border when you select VoxTree item in incremental rendering mode
  • Constant growing in voxel “Airbrush” tool as written in description.
  • Highlight tweaked to be less aggressive

1.03.2018 4.8.11

  • VoxTree multiselection support. Still needs some testing if it works correctly for all mode. Please report where you see it fails. There are too much applications of multiselect, so something may be missed. Both VoxTre and Curves tree support CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT multiselection similar to explorer.
  • New Curves are in good beta state. Enable it in Edit->Preferences->ShowNewCurves. Pay attention to RMB menu over curves.
  • Calculator in each input field. You may enter expressions instead of nubber anywhere, where you need numerical input. For example, enter 1+2 or sin(1.5) or any arithmetic operation incliding trygonometry.
  • Highlighting for selected objects. When you select object it flashes shortly a little to locate it easily.
  • By default Auto Pick enabled, more easy switching between objects.
  • Faster Bas-relief & undercuts.
  • “Paste merged” in “Rect/Transform” tool enabled. Seems it works correctly in PPP.
  • Fixed mesh exposion during baking with mesh extrusion
  • a lot of small corrections in primitives


1) 解压并安装

2) 将Crack文件夹里的3D-Coat-V4.8.10+.exe复制到安装目录并运行,等待出现OK和蓝底的—PATCHING DONE—字样

3) 破解完成!


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