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Allegorithmic 3D绘画软件Substance Painter 是一个全新的次时代纹理贴图绘制软件,让你更符合现今游戏中的贴图制作更加容易。Substance Painter 2017.3.0-1837中新增自动保存功能,并支持GLTF和FELIX格式输出,优化了显存占用,推荐更新!

3D PBR绘制









Substance Painter可以直接烘焙你所有的贴图(AO、normal、ID、height等)。


Substance Painter 2017.3.0-1837版新增 :

  • [Export] Allow to export mesh and textures for Adobe Project Felix
  • [Export] Allow to export into glTF file format
  • [Engine] Optimize textures size in VRAM by using block compression
  • [Viewport] Be able to drag and drop a mesh or project in the viewport
  • [UI] Improve warning message about TDR
  • [UI] Log should be displayed only upon request
  • [UI] Allow to clear the content of the log window
  • [UI] Display warnings and errors in the status bar
  • [UI] Display Tabs on top as in web browsers
  • [UI] Improve “not paintable” context and messages
  • [UI] Add a “save as copy” action in the file menu
  • [Layer] Set default tiling setting to 1 by default
  • [Shelf] Improved gradient filter to support 10 dynamic colors
  • [Shelf] Add a space in the default query of the mini-shelf
  • [Shelf] Add a ‘Open in explorer’ action for local resources in the shelf
  • [Shelf] Add template and shader for Adobe Material Standard (Project Felix)
  • [Shelf] Increase max tiling to 128 in Material Layering shaders
  • [Shelf] Added sobel curvature for micro-details of Mask Generators
  • [Plugin] Add autosave plugin with customizable time interval
  • [Scripting] Add a “save as copy” function

Substance Painter 2017.3.0-1837版已修正 :

  • [UI] Layout is broken at the first launch
  • [Export] PSD generated at export has format errors
  • [Export] EXR always exports 8 bits height map
  • [Export] Crash when exporting corrupted Additional maps
  • [Import] Hard edges are not preserved on low poly meshes in some cases
  • [Import] Improved error messages when importing meshes with issues
  • [Bakers] ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [Viewport] Tangent space is not synched with bakers
  • [Effect] Moving back a layer doesn’t restore an anchor’s reference
  • [Effect] Refresh issue when creating a link in between two Masks with anchors
  • [Effect] Masks anchors above mask shouldn’t be listed
  • [Effect] Extract Alpha setting from Anchors doesn’t work
  • [Engine] Mask inverts itself after first brush stroke
  • [Engine] Crash when switching Texture Set on specific project
  • [Shelf] Crash when deleting a preset which is in a project
  • [Shelf] Typo in advanced Tri-Planar filter
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder AO Noise Scale doesn’t work properly
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder has inverted curvature parameters
  • [Shelf] Imported alphas generate a material sphere preview instead of a flat one

Substance Painter 2017.3版没有已知问题




1) 解压并安装(安装过程会自动卸载之前的旧版本)

2) 将crack文件夹里的Substance Painter.exe主程序覆盖到安装目录

3) 破解完成!


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